Creature Effects Inc. is known for its widely used animatronic running horses. We’ve just added a few new horses to our repertoire.


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scientifictechnicalawardsCreature Effects, Inc. is proud to have  received a certificated Technical Achievement Award in 2017 from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for our development of the animatronic running horses we perform in film and television productions. 

“The Animatronic Horse Puppet provides increased actor safety, close integration with live action, and improved realism for filmmakers”


Creature Effects, Inc. is a full service effects house that produces animatronics, makeup and props for film and television. The company was founded by Mark Rappaport in 1990 after many years of creating puppets and makeup for other effect houses. Mark’s experience producing effects for ILM, Chris Walas, KNB, Stan Winston and running the creature shop for the independent branch of Paramount Pictures known as Full Moon Productions gave him the expertise to generate outstanding effects through his own facility.

Located in Los Angeles, adjacent to Universal Studios, Creature Effects, Inc. has supported feature films for all of the major studios and has traveled crew around the world to puppeteer, manage effects and apply makeup. Mark has supervised extensive, multi-million dollar projects requiring crews of 50 to 100 technicians, as well as commercial assignments with limited funds and rapid turnaround. Creature Effects creates much more than creature makeups and puppets. We also provide conceptual design, prop production and costuming services. We have an extensive “For Rent”, inventory of life-like human baby, animal puppets and character suits. We are known throughout the industry for our ultra-realistic, ride-able animatronic horses.  Our in-house production team utilizes innovative approaches to create life-like realizations of client concepts.

Creature Effects, Inc. can bring your ideas to life.

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